“Il tessuto come una tela, dove dipingere le meraviglie che ci circondano, per farle brillare sulla nostra pelle”

Repainted is an Italian brand that was born out of our love for the sun, the sea and handmade creations. We believe in the Italian know-how, in creating something unique, made in factories dedicated to enhance the exclusivity of the product.

All our pieces are made of sustainable regenerated Lycra. Soft as silk, the fabric dries up quickly, does not lose elasticity and is particularly easy-care – you won’t ever have to iron our creations, – they are always ready to be worn.

We love the artistic treasures we find in our surroundings, and our aim is to “repaint” them again on our pieces, in order to create unique and original designs, reminding us of the astonishing history of our land. The decorative patterns from our art history are the focus of our research; a timeless component of many artistic styles, whose beauty and stories still follow us today.


100% made in Italy

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